Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review : Apple Ipod Touch 4G

Apple Ipod Touch is an all time entertainment device by Apple. It has built in memory and hence comes in three models. The models vary from the sizes only. 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb. The prices of the iPod Touch 4g earlier were higher in the market but suddenly the prices dropped due to competition. Now a days you can get it for Rs 12000, Rs 17000, Rs 22000, for 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb respectively.

Now lets talk about some of the features. The iPod Touch 4G packs in a 1Ghz A4 Chip designed by Apple itself. I consider its processor to be very good. Its 1Ghz is like a dual-core processor which powers the device and never tends to lag. It has a 0.7 Mp rear camera which takes decent shots but you still notice a bit of pixelation of you zoom and it records in HD. It also has a front 0.3Mp camera for video calls (Facetime) which is good too (it does the job). It works on latest OS by Apple i.e. iOS 6 which is the most advanced Operating System currently by Apple which packs in much exciting features like Apple designed Maps , Facebook Integration and much more. You can check more about it on Apple's Webpage : The most exciting feature of the iPod touch is that it has Retina Display which is the sharpest display on any device yet on the market. It has 326 ppi (pixels per inch) which makes text and pictures crisp.

In the box: 
Charger (Data Transfer cable)
Apple Earphones
User Manual
Ipod Touch 4g

Now lets talk about the physical appearance of the iPod Touch. On the front you have a gorgeous 3.5inch Display with front camera on top and Home Button underneath the screen. On the top you have a Power Button (On/Off Switch). On the left you have the volume rocker and on the right you have nothing. Below you have 3.5mm Headphone jack which work with all headphones. Dock connector/ Charging port and the speaker. On the Back you have the rear camera and a small microphone.

Conclusion : I personally use my iPod Touch a lot and it has very competitive features at its price. Its processor is faster than other 1ghz processors out there and does a marvellous job. The display is killing and you can play 720p HD videos usually and if you want to play 1080p you can use an App like MXplayer or iSafeplay. I surely recommend this device to everyone. Down Below are some of the pictures i shot. Do check them out.

Flipkart Link : Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 16 GB

Pictures : 

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